In The Beginning
The 1970sAt the age of 15, the girls were already experienced guitarists and vocalists. They had formed a harmony band in their very early teens playing anywhere they could get gigs. Although still at school, they were popular around their local clubs in the North West of England, playing most weekends. Their signature harmony sound was captured by the Decca label on their first single "Don't Let Him Touch You"

Original members:
Sue Hampson
Julie Abbott
Jan Heywood
Pat Fitzgerald
The Early Days: The Angelettes released singles on the Decca, UK Records and Mooncrest labels, touring throughout  the UK and Europe. Their vocals can also be heard most notably on Bryan Ferry's album "These Foolish Things" from which his "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" single was taken. The Angelettes appeared on Top Of The Pops with Bryan to perform the song, and appeared on the show with their own first single "Don't Let Him Touch You" on a previous edition some months earlier. With a distinctive sound akin to that of the Phil Spector era, in contrast the B sides of the Angelettes' singles - all recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport - give a deeper insight into their vocal talents, with only a backing of acoustic guitars played by Sue and Julie.
The Angelettes harmonies have been sought after by many artistes, with vocal backing sessions recorded at the major studios in London.
To-date, no trace of their two Top of The Pops appearances exist - save a few still shots of the dress rehearsal - owing to a fire at the BBC Archives and the Beeb's then policy of wiping some of their tapes and but for a few previously unreleased tracks still held by UK Records, the distinctive sound of The Angelettes had been all but lost.

However, in 2000, Julie, together with her daughter Sara and Sue's daughter, Jo, recorded three original songs with some of Nashville USA's most talented session players. The ladies were already gigging together and it had not gone unnoticed that their vocal sound had a striking similarity to that of the Angelettes - not surprising, with both daughters having that uncanny familial connection. It was not totally unexpected when the trio decided to add a few Angelettes' numbers to their repertoire.

UK Records then decided to release the CD "King of Hits Box set". Included in that set was the song "I Cried" recorded by The Angelettes in 1973 but remaining unreleased until then. By 2011, the movie "Me Me Me"  - premiering in London and at the Cannes Film Festival - was available online, featuring  "I Cried", together with the first Angelettes' single "Don't Let Him Touch You" (both of which are now available on iTunes).  The sound of The Angelettes was well and truly back!

The movie generated a huge amount of interest, gathering a young new internet following and with complimentary "Tweets" from such prestigious Twitterers as Stephen Fry and Alex Day. Fans old and were delighted to learn that they are able to access  all The Angelettes' songs on You Tube - A and B sides - with "Don't Let Him Touch You" receiving an astounding 95,000  hits in in it's first month online.

In memory of Sue:  With individual projects from rock, pop, choral and country to songwriting and recording in Nashville, a wealth of musical experience is associated with the Angelettes. Sadly, Sue passed away some years ago but she has left a legacy of wonderful music to those who knew and loved her