Hi - I'm Jools              
I'm an original member of The Angelettes (Julie Abbott - got married and somehow acquired a diminutive of my first name, but it stuck!)

The photo is me, just pickin' on the porch swing at the Stone residence in Alabama where many a dog has been tied up, moon howled at, sour mash supped, hawk thrown and good song sung.

Music surrounded me from before I was even born - my dad (Alf Abbott) was a well-known jazz musician from Manchester, UK and it was inevitable that I would somehow follow in his footsteps and I will be forever grateful for the start in life that both my parents gave me.

I  learned to play guitar at the age of eight, and by the age of twelve, Sue and I had formed the basis of The Angelettes, teaming up with Jan and Pat shortly afterwards. Well, the rest is history and The Angelettes' story is well-documented here on the band's page and also on The Angelettes website, if you'd like to know more.  I also sang with several Manchester bands in many different genres - rock, soul, pop etc. I'm a songwriter and solo performer, with a leaning towards the wonderful sounds of what's happening in country music right now in the USA and throughout the world.  As part of the country band - Auburn - I've toured the UK, gigged in the USA and recorded in Nashville.

Creativity surrounds me each day - I'm married to novelist Michael Hammersley, author of "Keeping Dixie" and still live in the North West of England.

A couple of my songs are playing through here on the website whilst you're visiting :
  • No Matter How Long
  • I Took Your Man
Drums Peter Young
5-string viola Stephan Dudash
Keys Gene Rabbai
Pedal steel Tony Paoletta
Bass Denny Martin
Guitars Bob Hatter